I first met Mitch Lazarus as a friend of my girlfriend around 2010.  Mitch and I soon became friends as I viewed him as a very level headed, focused and inspirational thinker.  We would occasionally hang out at social gatherings and chat on all kinds of topics.  Over the years I’ve come to know Mitch as a very warm, generous and empathic friend that I would highly recommend as a professional coach.  His demeanor and style of communication always has made me feel open to discussing any topic, personal or otherwise.  When my girlfriend and I were having serious conflicts to the point of nearly breaking up on several occasions, Mitch worked with us and made a profound impact on my point of view, the results of which, include my proposing to my girlfriend.

– Larry Klass



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Larry Klass

My coaching experience with Mitch Lazarus has been superb.  Though, the adjective “superb” doesn’t really adequately describe my experience.  More accurate would be “life-changing.”

We built a rapport immediately, having very similar personalities and interests.  Mitch has the insight, knowledge, temperament, and life experience to guide me through whatever difficulties I am having while ensuring I make solid progress toward my weekly and monthly goals.  (In addition, of course, to my long-term goals.)

Unlike my experiences with various clinical therapists over the years, my sessions with Mitch seem more personal, more meaningful, and more productive. Nothing is “off-limits,” so to speak, and I quickly felt comfortable discussing just about any aspect of my life that I felt would benefit from honest evaluation.  Mitch broadly focuses on improving my overall approach to life, emphasizing techniques such as recognizing and altering negative thought patterns, recognizing innate strengths and weaknesses, and recognizing what I can and cannot control in life.  There are too many specific strategies and techniques to list, and I don’t want to give away all his methods in this review – I highly recommend Mitch to anyone seeking any form of professional coaching, especially those who have found traditional clinical therapy to be underwhelming.

Mitch always goes the extra mile when needed to ensure that my upcoming week or month goes well and that I meet my goals.  We can have conversations I wouldn’t necessarily feel comfortable having with a clinical therapist (because of the clinical and medical nature of therapy sessions). With Mitch, I feel as though we are simply two people talking about life and goals, and I find that far more effective than any previous approaches I’ve encountered.

Mitch is a Jack-of-all trades, knowledgeable about many topics, which enables him to offer insightful advice about nearly anything.  He also has a ready supply of resources to provide me with additional information or support when needed.  Mitch is my coach, but also so much more.  Mitch also fills the role of guidance counselor, therapist, marriage counselor, and career strategist, always willing to offer honest and appropriate feedback to guide me through whatever tasks or difficulties I may be experiencing.

My sessions with Mitch have improved every aspect of my life – my career, my marriage, my relationships with friends, and my day-to-day interactions with colleagues, my apartment complex management, the community, and society.

Friends and family members have observed and commented on my overall improvement in everyday situations.  My sessions with Mitch have significantly improved my awareness of my role and responsibility for what happens to me in life.  Mitch has helped me take ownership of my actions and my thought processes in a way that guides me through every challenging moment in life.  It’s almost as though he is “with me in spirit” every minute of the day.

I am thrilled and blessed to have discovered Mitch, a truly insightful, intelligent, thoughtful,, honest and caring life coach.

– Dmitri King

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Dmitri King