Just Say Yes

by Jade Handy on September 8, 2016

5299295110_ee82cb9332_mEver felt like you would have made the sale had you stopped talking? We sales professionals call this ‘selling yourself out of the deal,” or ‘overselling it’.

Let’s say your prospect asks you if you can provide your product (a cross-promotion piece for example) in postcard format. Don’t respond with, “yes and business card size and JPEG format and PNG format and this that and the other thing and all possible options.”

Just say “yes”.

Less verbosity. More brevity.

The reason being if you happen to confuse them or overwhelm them, they won’t buy. Or, they’ll take longer to decide–thus increasing the likelihood they won’t buy.

Also, just generally, More Options Create Indecision.

Resist the urge to lay out all the options, all the features, advantages and benefits thinking the more they know the better. Not true unless they indicate this in other ways.

Isolate the benefit the customer has shown interest in and close. See Questions as Thermometers.

You can’t be employing the best practice ‘Always Be Closing’ –the mantra of champions– if you have diarrhea of the mouth. Isolate-close. Isolate-close.

Take my word for it, just say “yes”, zip it (lock it, throw it in your pocket), and move on to the next area that needs to be covered in order to make the sale.


btw – A lot of slick sales trainers recommend the ‘If we could do this for you, would you buy it?’ line of closing. I rarely recommend this. It usually comes across as confrontational and pushy. Don’t be a pushy. If you can do it with a ‘Mello Yello – Stay Smooth’ demeanor and a lot of rapport, then by all means test it.

See also, Ask the Closing Question Then Shut Up and Wait

See also, More Options Create Indecision

Applied to internet marketing: http://www.neurosciencemarketing.com/blog/articles/confusion-conversions.htm

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