How Does Edification Work Outside of Network Marketing?

by Jade Handy on April 24, 2013


How does edification work outside of network marketing?

Very well, actually.  Edification in sales is the same thing as edification in network marketing, only without the network marketing part.  Network marketing doesn’t own the 3rd party credibility endorsement. Celebrity endorsements are older than dirt.

Remember when Rocky Road said to Flint Stone, “listen to that dinosaur over there.  He know’s what he’s talking about!”

One of the ways network marketing can garner the excitement that it does is because it utilizes a fundamental principle of persuasion called edification. Edification, in the MLM world says, “If you value me as an expert, then value this other person as an expert.”

It’s a transfer of credibility based on association. It may even be based on a false premise (meaning neither person may even be an expert to begin with,) but nonetheless, the principle is powerful.

And, the beautiful part is you don’t have to be a network marketing company in order to benefit from this principle! In fact, you are already engaging in edification when someone in your organization says someone else is valuable to watch, listen to, or mimic.

Another way of leveraging edification is to add layers of edification by having 3rd party experts, like Jade Handy, endorse the best practices of your highest performers.

Now, you might begin to think of some of the the celebrity endorsements that are highly effective, …but highly expensive.  But, they aren’t the only option.

Having other “unbiased” 3rd parties, like State of Mind Coaching & Training, come into your organization is an attainable and an affordable way of achieving edification for your leaders’ ideas of what high performance actually looks like.


See, also.  Edification to Increase Your Sales by Bob Burg

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