Get People To Say “Yes” To Themselves

by Jade Handy on February 15, 2013

Get People To Say "Yes" With One Simple Conversational TrickThe essence of Get People To Say “Yes” With One Simple Conversational Trick by Fast Company is the NLP* metaprogram Self/Others. It’s essentially, a way to Get People To Say “Yes” To Themselves.

Calling their technique, the “But You Are Free” method, they are touting it as the simplest, most practical technique to becoming more persuasive.  Twice as much, according to a review of 42 psychology studies (on 22,000 people.)

Being free to decide is very attractive to a certain percentage of the population, but not all.  You see, some just prefer you tell them what to decide.  They aren’t masochists, or anything, they just prefer it.  They are the “others” part of the dichotomy.

Seeing this convincer metaprogram as something greater than giving them the freedom to choose, but rather the choice is theirs, is much more targeted.  It’s all about the locus of control.

Say the following to yourself,

I’m free to choose.” And, “I’m not free to choose.”

As opposed to,

“It’s up to others.”  Or, “it’s up to me.”

Most of us have resigned ourselves to not having the freedom to choose certain things, occasionally.  For example, when you don’t have the freedom to buy things you cannot afford or finance.  Or, when time simply runs out.  Most people experience this

But, when it matters to us, and someone else is choosing for us against our will, that’s enough to start a fight!  It’s a visceral response.  Don’t believe me?  Try telling your spouse you are going to decide something for her (something that’s important to her to decide, predictably.)

In sales and persuasion, always have the intuition to decide when to give them the choice, and when to decide for them (hint: This is Where You Come In.)


If it’s to be, it’s up to me.  –William H. Johnsen

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*NLP is an acronym for neuro-linguistic programming.  Click here for more NLP on this site.

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