Back On Track ASAP

by Jade Handy on January 2, 2012

Commit to getting back on track, ASAP!  Just that one resolution, alone, could make or break your New Year.

I’m doing a free New Year’s resolutions training, Resolution Execution, in Des Moines, IA starting January 12, 2012.  For those that can’t make it, here’s what I recommend – do something that reminds you to get back on track for the rest of the year.  Or, at least until you reach your goal.

I already caught myself getting off track.  I noticed I hadn’t exercised, yet, this year.  I caught myself doing the ol’ I-have-to-reduce-my-goal-now-so-I-can-be-perfect-the-rest-of-the-year trick.  No way.  I’m not falling for that parasynthesis1.

I’m getting back on track with my New Year’s resolutions.  I’ll start, again, tomorrow (I’m not procrastinating, it’s my normal time slot for exercise.)  I recommend you do the same.  Train your brain to get back on track in the New Year…and beyond!


1What is parasynthesis?: par·a·syn·the·sis – formation, or morphing, words by adding a hyphen.  Hyphenating words.  It’s the ol’ throw-a-hyphen-in-to-make-a-word-word-trick.  ex. I like the ol’ roll-up-the-sleeves-to-fit-in tactic that politicians often use on the campaign trail.

Photo credit: All Decisions Lead to Nowhere by Almond Butterscotch on Flickr

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