How Do You Improve A Spoon?

by Jade Handy on February 17, 2011

How do you improve a spoon?  And, a disposable spoon, at that!

Put a hook on it, that’s how. 

That way, you don’t have to fish it out of your bowl.  Who hasn’t this happened to?

If course, this blog Post® by Jade Handy is not about cereal.  It’s about tweeking what you’re already doing just enough to get a different and better response when communicating.

Maybe this means A/B split testing your sales copy with different calls to action, maybe it’s adding a little rhythm via rhyme to your next speech, or maybe it’s practicing repetition with interpersonal communication to get your point across in a way that they remember.

Whatever you decide, decide this, constantly and neverendingly improve what you’re doing.  If someone can do this with something as it-is-what-it-is as a spoon, there’s no telling what you can come up with.

Rhetoric, like a hook, grabs and holds.


Let yourself be open and life will be easier. A spoon of salt in a glass of water makes the water undrinkable. A spoon of salt in a lake is almost unnoticed.

Spoon feeding in the long run teaches us nothing but the shape of the spoon.
E.M. Forster

Only the spoon knows what is stirring in the pot.
-Italian Proverb

If you don’t like someone, the way he holds his spoon will make you furious; if you do like him, he can turn his plate over in your lap and you won’t mind.
-Irving Becker

One who speaks fair words feeds you with an empty spoon.
-Italian Proverb

Do not put your spoon into the pot which does not boil for you.
-Romanian Proverb

The rule in carving holds good as to criticism; never cut with a knife what you can cut with a spoon.
-Charles Buxton 

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Photo Credit:  blog author, Jade Handy

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