Friday Shout Out 2010-08-13

by Jade Handy on August 13, 2010

Welcome back to Friday Shout Out. On Fridays, I highlight some of the Web and Social Media Messages I enjoyed giving a hoot about. Whether I retweeted them, starred them in Google Reader or used them as a resource in a blog post, you can now follow those I re-sourced, re-purposed, and referenced.

First, from this site.

On Friday, I wrote, Tech to Replace Talk.  In it, I referenced Steve McKee’s article, R.I.P. Travel Agents. Or not.Steve is the president and founding partner of McKee Wallwork Cleveland, an award-winning integrated marketing firm that helps stalled, stuck and stale companies return to (and stay on) the growth curve.

In Wednesday’s post, How Not to Care if They Buy, I said there’s a “yes” behind every “no.”  Frugal Joe expands this to the other side of the register when you are buying. 

Thursday, I was ecstatic to find Mark Suster had written on social proof recently, and applied it specifically to fundraising.  He is a walking talking example of how to apply this if you know his story. 

Now, on to my Google Reader Starred Items.

Anna Farmery brings reciprocation back into the limelight.  Amazingly, she ties reciprocation to the palindrome, “refer.”  Read on, reader. 


Photo Credit: Flickr and stevendepolo

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