Friday Shout Out 2010-07-30

by Jade Handy on July 30, 2010

Welcome back to Friday Shout Out. On Fridays, I highlight some of the Web and Social Media Messages I enjoyed giving a hoot about. Whether I retweeted them or wrote them into a blog post, you can now follow those I re-sourced, re-purposed, and referenced.

First, from this site.

Siddhartha Herdegen is at it, again, with another great article.  His thoughts on why people haven’t gotten themselves to write or blog, yet, is something I’m going to beg him to lend me when I do a program on Blowing Out the Inner Blogger.  He even slipped a little Robert Cialdini in there!  Great post.  Great Post!

Speaking of not blogging often. In Monday’s Smart Start à la Carte, I referenced to define antistasis because it was a great post.  And still is.  That post was from October 2005!  See, rhetoric is timeless.  So, just now, I click on the header to get to the home page.  I thought I pushed the wrong button ’cause it just refreshed the same article.  Turns out that was the only post ever written!  I couldn’t have planned for the timing of this in relation to the first article I Shouted Out.

Okay, I really didn’t plan this.   The following links lead to posts that I struggled to use when talking about selling wine.  But, as fate would have it, they fit perfectly into today’s created-as-I-go theme of  Blowing Out the Inner Blogger.  Just when you’re about to think your writing won’t appeal to anyone, read the these articles’ points; “Who cares—only your liking counts. Just do it” and “Do you like everything everyone does?  Of course not.  So take the plunge.  Give yourself permission to play.”  So what if these two articles are about wine and quilts, I’ll pretend I’m Billy Madison peeing my pants so it’ll make it okay for you, alright?

Now, on to my Google Reader Shared Items.

How Do You Pronounce Ghoti?  Read it and watch the video so you won’t be saying, “I am an English major, and take great pride in my grammar and spelling skills, but this session always does me in.”

The fallacy of no competition. Even I have caught myself saying this one.  Read this and get a grip on yourself.

And, last and certainly not least…tweets.

RT @ketelsen #GardenGruntTip: there’s never a good time to pull weeds..but right after it rains is the second best time < nice #autophasia

@JadeHandy You can`t get into community colleges right now. They`re all full. -Suze Orman on Today Show today < gl #autophasia


Photo Credit: Flickr and stevendepolo

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  • ginidietrich

    So do you know how to pronounce ghoti? How about forte?? That's the one, that if pronounced correctly, people will tell you you're wrong. Every time.

  • Yes to ghoti (lots of language training.) No to forte (not enough language training.) Hopefully, people like me will read and watch so they won't be caught. I love the post!

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