On Fire…fox 3.6.2

by Jade Handy on April 6, 2010


Here’s the latest from Firefox.  Does it surprise me that Firefox has made a name for itself?  No.  Especially no, after seeing this persuasion-packed piece.

What’s so special about it?  Well for starters, it has 10 elements of persuasion.  10!

Let’s take it from the top.  The Header, alone, has these 5 elements based off of “For security reasons, we recommend downloading the latest and greatest version”: 1. The sequence frames the reason first, then the “what.” This strategy gives the WIIFM right off the bat. 2. Gives a reason.  Humans are wired to need a reason. 3. The reason is security.  Who can deny this is compelling in today’s world? See, also, “secure” email offer. Security must be important as it is at the beginning and the end of the reading path. 4. It’s recommended.  Versus “you decide.” 5. Latest and greatest is a rhyme.  Since the beginning of time, rhyme has been there to aid us and persuade us. Catchy, yes?

“Choose your persona.  Roll over to try, click to apply. See all 30,000+”  6. Choose vs. “we recommend.”  Put’s the decision back in users hands.  7. Your persona.  You own it. 8. Your Persona. Generation XY and Z, hello. Who wants to be like everyone else? 9. Roll over.  Roll over?   Resistance is futile! 10. Try. No vows necessary. 11. Just click.  How simple is that!? 12. Apply.  As in application or to put on? When is the “install”? 13.  Try – Apply.  There’s that rhyming thing, again. 14. To try – To apply.  To this To that.  To cool To go To school #polysyndeton Used to connect things. 15. See all… Studies show less is more, but for those others out there…

“Stay Connected,” my child.  Don’t know why I said that, it just came to mind, I guess.  16. Sit. “Stay” Roll over.  Like most actions, you’re either starting something, stopping something or continuing (Stay) something.  Continuing has a nice ring to it. Yeah, like Ka-Ching! 17. Connected.  Why do they want me to feel something? See also, “Roll over” “click” “running” 18. They give three choices.  Studies show less is more19. Click not just a choice, you’re choosing an action.

Feeling manipulated, yet? Hey, I’m just the messenger.

“New Thunderbird 3. Fast, Flexible and Secure Email Program.  Download Thunderbird”  20. New vs. old.  New vs. improved. New vs. version 3?  Sounds contradictory, eh?  21. Thunderbird.  Not exactly namby-pamby. 22. 3. What happened to “new?” Sounds to me like a bit of a conflict, you? 23. Download Thunderbird.  Sounds like a command.  Yes, ma’am.

24. Quick bursts of words vs. long complete drawn out sentences like you would use in a conversation in order for the listener to understand and absorb what you’re actually saying when you actually have to explain yourself or else they’ll most likely not take action.

10 Jade? OK, I lied, make it 25.  Something for everyone.  Contrasting… 3 choices to stay connected – See all 30,o00+. We recommend – Choose Your Persona. Decide based on the 3 boxes diplayed (Persona, Stay Connected, Thunderbird) – More Firefox 3.6 features.  Some things to see – feel others (not at work, though.)

OK, fine.  26. Watch the video…See all 30,000+. Visual modality congruence.

Dang it.  27. Fast, Flexible and Secure…. Rule of 3 using alliteration.

I give in.  28. Eye-popping color graphics layed out in an non-cluttered appealing fashion.

Is Firefox familiar? 29. No wonder they didn’t rename the whole damn thing.  Ford Taurus paid an ugly price for this lesson.

If you find any others, let me know.  I may not post it, though, ’cause I’m already sick of this post.

30. Six, count them, six arrows pointing right, right?  For most people this means forward.

OK, I’m done.

Except for # 31. What’s written in the biggest, boldest font in the biggest most colorful box and on the left side (people typically read left to right.  That is, they “start” on the left and continue on from there) of the page?  That’s right.  Choose Your Persona.  Wonder why?

Did it work on me?  Did you notice “You’re Now Running Firefox 3.6.2? ‘Nuf said.


Make it simple. Make it memorable. Make it inviting to look at. Make it fun to read.  –Leo Burnett

We’re obviously going to spend a lot in marketing because we think the product sells itself.  –Jim Allchin

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