You’re So Vain

by Jade Handy on March 24, 2010

You probably think this post is about you, don’t you, don’t you…

It’s not. 

It’s about the life of a butterfly.  Everyone knows a butterfly starts off as a thought between two caterpillars.  Then, eggs appear on a leaf.  Next, the eggs pop and out comes junior.  Junior runs around.  Junior runs away.  Junior gets a straight jacket put on him just for living day to day.  Frustrated, yet focused, he finds his way.  Out of the Chrysalis, actually, tearing through the chrysalis, the butterfly spreads his wings and…flies compete for it’s air.  That’s what drives us.  The ambiguity of it all, that is.

Paul Sloane does us all a solid with Brilliant Thinkers Relish Ambiguity.  “Brilliant thinkers are very comfortable with ambiguity – they welcome it. Routine thinkers like clarity and simplicity; they dislike ambiguity. There is a tendency in our society to reduce complex issues down to simple issues with obviously clear solutions.”  Are you routine or brilliant?

If your answer is brilliant, which it is, then once more “If we want creative solutions and real innovations then we should welcome ambiguity. We should explore the possibilities of two different things interacting together. We should let opposites play.”  Are you thinking what I’m thinking?

Are you familiar with the Archimedes Effect?  How else are you going to “understand how to take what you’re doing in one instance and extend it out into something bigger or better elsewhere? …Leverage is behind all the most powerful people in the world, but it all starts somewhere.” says Chris Brogan (what does he know, right?). 

There’s not a whole lot of ambiguity going on here, so create your own

Here’s what I say, “Understanding and implementing the Archimedes Effect is the same as understanding the life cycle of a butterfly.  So, show the butterfly how to implement this.”

Photo Credit: / CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

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