The Ol Pre-Frame/Re-Frame Question

by Jade Handy on January 8, 2010

Wondering what the difference between pre-framing and reframing is? Well, pre-framing happens before reframing would. Pre-framing inoculates the need for reframing.

So what is pre-framing? Pre-framing is setting the angle/perspective/contextual filter for what follows. Pre-framing includes, but is not limited to inoculation, cognitive qualifiers, telling a story before introducing your point, dialog tags like “he said” vs. “he uttered,” forewarning, and the standby under-promise over-deliver.

You might recognize and utilize some of these techniques more than others, but you can use them just the same. Inoculation -referring to an earlier post– is used when you know within reasonable certainty that an objection is going to come up. Inoculation can assert itself in more than one way.

One way is to pretend as if the prospect has brought up an objection, then overcome it.  This might sound obvious, but it’s not by everyone.  e.g. “Even if we, as a dealership, go under, the manufacturer has set up a contingency plan for other dealers to fill in.”

The other way is to create aversion.  Making another option so undesirable that the customer turns and runs the opposite way-preferably towards you!  e.g. “I heard you say you thought you were interested in an SUV, but with 3 children, most all people prefer the ease of use of a van.”  This one got me, recently.

Fortunately, cognitive qualifiers are easier to use than the name lets on. Briefly, cognitive qualifiers are used to set the stage before presenting subsequent information. e.g. “Certainly, I’d be more than happy to get that out to you right away!” “I almost forgot, we have a special on those, today.”

Reframing is if you are not sharp enough to preframe. Reframing is when you’re backpedaling. What I meant to say is…It’s not as much that as it is…Instead, pre-frame – all the cool kids are doing it!

Finally, clarity between and re-framing. 


 cognitive qualifiers 

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